What? When?

When you’re devising a timeline for your historical crime novel but you need to do your sums to work out who’s supposed to be doing what and when. #amwriting #amwritingcrime #cannaespellnumbers

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First Steps into Novel Writing

This picture represents my first steps in progressing from writing short stories to tackling longer fiction. I mean, the longest piece I’ve ever written in one story world is 5,000 words. So, to have over 13,000 proper, crafted words, it’s an absolute bloody joy. Yes, I know many of you reading this will have written […]

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I like to judge the productivity of my writing day by the amount of biscuit crumbs on my jumper. This has been a VERY productive day. #amwriting

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On Embracing Rejection

A well-known and high profile creative writing competition is announced today. Now, I know my story will not be long-listed. My publishing credits are few and relatively recent. I still have much to learn about the craft and I have a fair distance to travel yet. But still, I’ve discovered this little kernel of hope […]

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