This picture represents my first steps in progressing from writing short stories to tackling longer fiction. I mean, the longest piece I’ve ever written in one story world is 5,000 words. So, to have over 13,000 proper, crafted words, it’s an absolute bloody joy.

Yes, I know many of you reading this will have written multiple books, but this first one is so fucking special to me. To get this far, while navigating ME and receiving treatment for Emotional Intensity Disorder, it’s an enormous fucking breakthrough and deserving of all the swears.

I’m learning that there’s no feeling quite like completing another chapter. By the end of this year, I hope to experience the feels of having a completed book to edit and play with.

In the meantime, though, I have no qualms in giving myself a hearty ‘Whirrooo!’ and ‘Gaun yersel, Hen!’

#selfdiscovery #pompomshaking #naeshame

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