‘Sound of an Iceberg’ New Writing Scotland No.37

Absolutely delighted that ‘Thrum‘, my wee Imprint Award story about my first miscarriage, has found its forever print home at New Writing Scotland 37.

Look at all these amazing writers and that cover too!

A big thank you to editors Susie Maguire and Samuel Tongue for including my work.

Sound of An Iceberg‘ is available to buy here from The Association for Scottish Literary Studies.

‘Waitin Fir Gordo’ – Gutter 19

Look what came today!

‘Waitin Fir Gordo’

I will never not be this eye-poppingly excited to see my stories in print. And I’m so thrilled to be included with these talented writers.

Gutter 19 includes my wee story on Gordo’s crematorium mix-up and is stuffed to the gunnels with excellent poetry, stories, reviews, and interviews. And Gordo thinks you’re a silly sausage if you don’t subscribe to Gutter immediately.

And, we’re live…

What a whirlwind! Friday night saw the launch of our Dundonald Tales illustrated short story collection at a candlelit Dundonald Castle. Now available in ebook and print editions (plug, plug), Dundonald Tales is guaranteed to tickle your historical fiction needs.

But, what an event it was. With over 50 people climbing the castle hill in suitably gothic weather, our first print run more or less sold out on the night. For a working-class village lass with health issues, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect launch. This is how the night went down…

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