What? When?

When you’re devising a timeline for your historical crime novel but you need to do your sums to work out who’s supposed to be doing what and when. #amwriting #amwritingcrime #cannaespellnumbers

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‘Stories From Home’ Anthology

Absolutely delighted to have a wee flash fiction piece on the French Revolution included in this wonderful anthology edited by Dr Hayleigh Barclay and Dr Sylvia Hehir. All proceeds from ‘Stories From Home‘ will go to The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC), a charity dedicated to ‘the mental, physical and financial wellbeing’ of the UK’s life-saving […]

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APR Submission Time

Currently sacrificing my 10,000 word APR submission to the Old Gods. That’s how it’s done, isn’t it? That’s how you progress to the next year of the MFA? #amwriting #crimefiction #historicalcrime #viledeeds #amediting #murderpen

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First Steps into Novel Writing

This picture represents my first steps in progressing from writing short stories to tackling longer fiction. I mean, the longest piece I’ve ever written in one story world is 5,000 words. So, to have over 13,000 proper, crafted words, it’s an absolute bloody joy. Yes, I know many of you reading this will have written […]

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I like to judge the productivity of my writing day by the amount of biscuit crumbs on my jumper. This has been a VERY productive day. #amwriting

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On Embracing Rejection

A well-known and high profile creative writing competition is announced today. Now, I know my story will not be long-listed. My publishing credits are few and relatively recent. I still have much to learn about the craft and I have a fair distance to travel yet. But still, I’ve discovered this little kernel of hope […]

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