Time for a little bit of Creepy

Every time I embark on a major story, I must create a small physical presence of it in my writing room just to make sure the story world comes alive for me. E.g. I have a tree stump altar which I created for my witchcraft graphic novel and I’m about to embark on a model island village for another crime novel.

This attractive specimen, however, is ‘Honest’ Jack Cochrane, chief ne’er-do-well and prime suspect of my current historical crime novel. He’ll be covered in cat hair before too long.

Yes, I believe immersion/procrastination is a major, and very enjoyable, part of my writing process. However, I still get the actual work done. #amwriting #amcreating #crimefiction

‘Waitin Fir Gordo’ – Gutter 19

Look what came today!

‘Waitin Fir Gordo’

I will never not be this eye-poppingly excited to see my stories in print. And I’m so thrilled to be included with these talented writers.

Gutter 19 includes my wee story on Gordo’s crematorium mix-up and is stuffed to the gunnels with excellent poetry, stories, reviews, and interviews. And Gordo thinks you’re a silly sausage if you don’t subscribe to Gutter immediately.

Myth & Magic at Ayr Writers’ Club

Ayr Writers’ Club warmly invites you to attend the Mercure Hotel on Wednesday 13th March 2019 at 7.30pm where I’ll be speaking about Myth & Magic for writers.

Please come along for an evening full of superstitions, curses, faeries, gods and goddesses.

Hope to see you all there!

And, we’re live…

What a whirlwind! Friday night saw the launch of our Dundonald Tales illustrated short story collection at a candlelit Dundonald Castle. Now available in ebook and print editions (plug, plug), Dundonald Tales is guaranteed to tickle your historical fiction needs.

But, what an event it was. With over 50 people climbing the castle hill in suitably gothic weather, our first print run more or less sold out on the night. For a working-class village lass with health issues, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect launch. This is how the night went down…

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Runt Publishing

As part of the ISBN back-end process, a publishing name had to be chosen for the illuminated short story collection. And now that the proof of Dundonald Tales (plug, plug) is off at the printers, I’d like to introduce you to Runty, the newest addition to Runt Publishing (aka Me, the writer, and Michael Kelly, the illustrator).

Behold his wee cheeky whiskers…

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Ablow Stairs: The things we writers do in the name of research…

I’ve enjoyed working on this illuminated short story collection so far. The only part I didn’t fancy was descending into the prison pit at Dundonald Castle. But as this is where the second of the Dundonald Tales takes place, I didn’t have much choice. Photos had to be taken.

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File Under ‘Fanny’

Hello, and welcome to my new writer’s blog. Since I migrated the domain name of the last site to WordPress, before importing the blog content from the previous platform, I have managed to lose everything I’ve ever written online since before 2009. Result!

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